Over 15 years experience serving Southern Utah and surrounding areas. Straight Stripe Painting Inc.® offers everything from parking lot painting, highway touch ups, epoxy servicing and sign installation.

Sales and Marketing

Dustyn Baird, Sales & Marketing Director  dustyn@straightstripe.com

Jacob Laidlaw, Sales Estimator jacob@straightstripe.com





Jake Adams, Director of Operations: Airfield Services  jake@straightstripe.com

Manuel Guzman, Operations Superintendent  manuel@straightstripe.com

Albert Dicus, Operations Superintendent  albert@straightstripe.com  

Rocky Dettamanti, Operations Manager: Pavement Markings rocky@straightstripe.com

Brandon Fink, Director of Operations: Local Pavement Preservation, Pavement Markings & Sign Installation  brandon@straightstripe.com

Gordon Schneider, Assistant Operations Director: Local Pavement Preservation, Pavement Markings & Sign Installation gordon@straightstripe.com

Jake Carter, Operations Manager: Dixie Clean & Sweep® Carter@straightstripe.com


Financial Services

Scott Leavitt, Financial Director  ar@straightstripe.com

Brielle Jarvis, Controller  controller@straightstripe.com 



Karen J. Cheever, CEO & Owner  kcheever@straightstripe.com

Ryan G. Cheever, CFO & Owner  cheever@straightstripe.com


Front Office

Rylee Roberts, Office Manager office@straightstripe.com


Legal Services

Steve Beckstrom, Attorney at Snow, Christensen, Martineau swb@scmlaw.com

Heath Snow, Attorney at Bingham, Snow, Caldwell heath@binghamsnow.com